Free Cans Of Booze Are Being Lobbed Out Of A Car Window In Manchester This Week

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City favourite BrewDog will be declaring Manchester's city centre a "Punk State" on Thursday through to Saturday, offering free (yep, FREE) cans of its flagship beer, Punk IPA as it sets up a total roadblock.

From 3pm on Thursday you'll be able to rock up and tweet @BrewDog using the hashtag #PunkState for a free case of Punk to be delivered around the city in a car.

Punk IPA has been the best-selling craft beer in UK supermarkets for the last three years. In just over a decade, the Aberdeenshire brewer has transformed from two men and a dog brewing small batches in a garage, to shipping a record 65 million bottles of beer to over 60 countries annually. This growth has been powered by its record-breaking Equity for Punks crowdfunding initiative, which has seen the brewery raise over £60 million since 2009 from more than 82,000 passionate craft beer fans across the globe.

The free cans will be available between Friday 13th and Saturday 14th July - and visitors to the "state" will be issued with a Punk Passport and visa stamp, a cold can of Punk.

Foot-operated can crushers will also be available on site in compliance with the brewery’s no-wastage policy.

The Punk State roadblock will be operational from 1-7pm on Friday 13th July and 1-6pm on Saturday 14th July.

Beer for the People

In addition to the roadblock and beer drop-offs, from Thursday 12th July to Saturday 14th July, Mancunians will be able to enjoy Punk IPA across the city. The brewery hopes this ‘mass conversion’ exercise will bring in new long-term supporters and advocates of the craft beer movement.

There are over 30 venues participating in Punk State – offering fresh cold Punk IPA and other activities, these include….

  • Dockyard Spinningfields
  • Gas Works
  • Dockyard Media City
  • Flour & Flagon
  • The Font
  • Wetherspoons Piccadilly
  • O’Neills, Printworks
  • Jimmys BBQ

BrewDog’s cofounder James Watt said:

“Punk State is the culmination of the craft beer revolution. We are putting Punk IPA directly into the hands of the masses and placing faceless megabreweries on notice. Manchester has been one of the cradles of the UK’s ever-growing craft beer movement and we hope Punk State helps add to the ranks of the passionate fans.”

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