England's Two Favourite Drinks Combined With Gin And Tonic Flavoured Tea Bags

Our two great loves combined

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People in England love tea. They are also all obsessed with gin and tonics. So it should come as no surprise that the smart people in Fortnum and Mason have combined the two and made what could end up being the country's favourite drink.

They'll set you back £7 a box but every silky tea bag is specially packed in an envelope to be enjoyed anywhere at anytime...

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As they say themselves...
Enjoy a G&T without the consequences. We’ve combined green tea with real juniper berries and handpicked botanicals including coriander, fennel and lemon balm to create our refreshing Gin & Tonic Tea topped offer with fresh lime and cucumber. All that’s missing is the gin itself.
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There have been loads of gin products lately that we're not 100% sure about but we have to say these actually sounds bloody delicious...

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