Chocolate Easter Egg Butties With A Smooth Layer Of Caramel Mayo Are Here

If you don't fancy a typical Easter Egg this year, how about an Easter Egg Sandwich?

Easter Egg Sandwiches

The Easter world has gone mad this year.

We're all familiar with the regular, boring, round, egg shaped Easter treats that are available around this time of year.

But have you ever heard of Easter Egg sandwiches?

No? The sweet creation by Hotel Chocolat features two white half-eggs (chocolate) sandwiched with a smooth layer of Caramayo (caramel mayo) and bread (chocolate).

Image: Hotel Chocolat

To top things off, the chocolate butty is served in a cardboard take-away box like you'd find in the supermarket. Brilliant.

Hotel Chocolat has four flavours of the Easter Egg Sandwich, including Caramayo, Cookie Dough & Ice Cream, Chocolate Spread and Lamb and Mint Chocolate - all £10 each.

So if you fancy something a bit different this year, why not give an Easter Egg butty a go? You can find the full range here.

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