'Dessert Hummus' Is The Perfect Snack For The Person Who's Always On A Diet

OMG it tastes like brownies


Dessert hummus is now a thing and my oh my it looks glorious. The product which first appeared on the American show Shark Tank (sort of the US Dragons Den) is the vegan dessert we've been waiting for. 

Created by the company called Delight by Hummus, the product comes in brownie batter, choc-o-mint, snickerdoodle and vanilla bean. It's the perfect thing to smother on a biscuit or fruit, or you could just cut out the middleman and eat it with a spoon. 

To create the dessert dish they replaced the garlic & lemon usually found in hummus with cinnamon & whole vanilla beans; the olive oil with coconut oil for a sweet spread. 

Sadly the brand Delight by Hummus is not available in the UK but the product has inspired some great dupe recipes (here, here and here) that you can create in the comfort of your own home. 

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