Costa Have Just Released A Super Christmassy Treat For Nutella Fans

And it's less than £2...


I can count on one hand (or rather, my pinky finger) the amount of people in my life who don't like Nutella. Far from being a marmite food - we are close to questionning the sanity of anyone who recoils from a jar of the nutty, smooth, chocolatey goodness.

And now high street coffee giant Costa has revealed a heavenly new festive treat that contains oodles of the stuff - and all for under two quid as well.


Costa's new Cup Croissant with Nutella forms a key part of their festive menu and sweet treats alongside a whole host of new shimmery hot drinks and it looks and sounds good enough to eat - quite frankly - a truckload of them.

Perfect for the chilly winter season, it's the essential accompaniment to a classic Americano or one of Costa's shimmer flat whites to get you in the Christmassy mood whilst warming the cockles...


The delectaby tempting sweet treat is already on shelves for an absolute bargain price of £1.85, so (sadly for our impending winter hips) we're running out of excuses not to pick one up en route to work...

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