This 'Magical' Colour Changing Gin Transforms From Vibrant Blue To Soft Pink

Here's where you can buy a bottle!

Colour Changing Gin 2019

Looking for an extra special present for the gin lover in your life?

Or perhaps you're looking for your next Friday night tipple.

Sharish's Blue Magic Gin comes with a secret: it changes colour.

This 'magical' gin transforms from a striking blue to a soft pink when you add tonic water, guaranteed to mystify your mates or entertain family members at special occasions.

Image: Sharish / Amazon

Available in a 500ml bottle, this Portuguese gin is made from nine botanicals, including raspberries, strawberries and liquorice.

Its colour comes from the flower called Clitoria Ternatea, or blue pea, making it a bright and vibrant eye-catcher.

Once tonic water, or another citric based mixer is added, the gin turns into a soft pink.

The gin is available to buy online, including Amazon, for £36.

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