Christmas Gin Is Real And We Want All Of The Bottles

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Christmas and gin go together like, well - Christmas and gin.

And now our fave tipple comes in a festive flavour that you're going to love.

Copeland Spirits have unleashed their holiday-friendly Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant Limited Edition gin and we're in love...

They previously had flavours like Rhuberry and Raspberry and Mint, which also sound lush.

But since they launched their festive gin, all eyes are on it.

"Wow, what a response to our Limited Edition Gin," they wrote on Facebook.

"A lot of you have been asking what pairs with this delight. After many tastings, we fell in love with premium tonic with orange rind and a stick of cinnamon."

The stuff's been selling like the proverbial hot cakes, but they say more will be coming soon - go online for details.

(Header image: Copeland Spirits)

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