Attention Creme Egg Lovers - Your Favourite Ice Cream Is Back And Better Than Ever

It’s a cheat day for me...

Cadbury Ice Cream 2

File this one under the tasty category and grab a spoon because the famous Cadbury Creme Egg is now being sold as ICE CREAM at the Co-op and they are already a huge hit!.

The ice cream is being sold in three different varieties, all at wallet friendly prices - can this get any better?

The first variation is a tub of Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream which starts at only £1.50.

The combination of vanilla, fondant swirls and Cadbury chocolate is a dream.

If you and your mates are looking to indulge, then you can opt-in for the eight cone box.

These limited edition treats are also prices at £1.50 and are a miniature Cadbury chocolate coated vanilla ice cream treat with a wafer cone.

Cadbury Ice Cream 2

If mini isn’t your style, opt in for the three pack of regular sized ice cream delights. These are also being sold at Co-op for only £1.50.

However, you need to act fast because these Easter inspired treats are only here for a limited time and are only being sold at Co-op stores.

Luckily they are freezer friendly so you can stock up until next Easter.

Cadbury Ice Cream

Additional Cadbury inspired treats include Creme Egg cupcakes which are currently being sold at Iceland for only £2.

If your Cadbury craving goes beyond the frozen sensations, then you need to try these cupcakes which offer a vanilla frosting, a creme filling with pieces of Cadbury chocolate on top.

Bon apetit pals.

Paul Boots

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