You Can Buy CHERRY BAKEWELL GIN And It Is To Die For

The Ginspiration just keeps on giving...

Cherry Bakewell Gin

Get a good old Cherry Bakewell in my face any day.

Throw in a classic glass of gin and that my friends is one sh*t-hot combo.

Well, now that combo is an actual thing.


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The perfectly balanced gin featuring cherry and almonds is being sold on The Drink Shop and is an absolute delight.

The aromatic craft gin is made in a small copper pot still using traditional English methods which date back to the 18th century with classic notes of juniper, cardamom, cubeb, and hibiscus flowers are infused along and of course cherry and almond.

The gin is 40% alchohol and mixes well with a top quality tonic water and a cherry on top (obvs).

I don't know about you but this is definitely the perfect gift for your favourite gin-lover...


Image credit: The drink shop

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