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‘The Giant Sausage Dog’ Has Landed On First Street And It’s A Sight For Sore Eyes

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Mates, beers, hotdogs – nothing tops it, does it?

At least we thought so until we laid eyes on Bunny Jackson Juke Joint’s new PARTY SUB.

Lo and behold…

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Look at the party sub. It’s insane.

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The epic giant is being sold as a giant sharer to feed a party of hungry mouths (and then some.) Not just a hot dog, the meaty masterpiece comes served with mountains of fries, fully loaded house mac n cheese and deep-fried crispy goujons.

They’re not the kind of venue to shy away from mountains of carbs…

You can order the ‘party sub’ for a limited time only – over at:

Bunny Jackson’s ‘Rhythm and Booze’ Bar, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, M15 4RA

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