Could Eating Meat Soon Be Illegal?


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Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise, but one Brit celebrity thinks it's moving too slowly - and wants to ban meat eating by LAW.

Alesha Dixon, known for singing with Mis-Teeq and judging with Britain's Got Talent, says that time's up for those of us who like chowing down on cows.

The pescetarian - who says her mum is a vegan - told the Daily Mail of her ideal laws: "I'd make smoking illegal and I'd ban the slaughter of animals for food or anything.

"So I'd close down every factory responsible for either and make it illegal to smoke or eat meat. Everyone would be fine, trust me!"

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She says she also doesn't drink milk anymore- preferring almond milk - but she does consume dairy products.

"I listen to what my body wants... I feel great for it!" she added.

Each to their own, Aleesha.

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