7 Places To Visit In Manchester If You're Obsessed With Chocolate

Creme Egg brownies, anyone?


1. Slattery

Home of the Harry Potter Easter Egg, Slattery Chocolatier and & Patissier serves some of the best, bespoke cakes and chocolates in Greater Manchester.

Check out some of their choccy Easter Eggs they have on offer...

2. Bonbon Chocolate Boutique

Serving handmade treats and chocolates from all over the world, Bonbon in the Northern Quarter serves a special hot choc made from tasty melted chocolate.

3. The Eighth Day

Why not pop into the Oxford Road store and cafe for a tasty oat hot chocolate, or a slice of Vegan Chocolate & Pistachio cake?

4. Albert's Schloss

Their boozy hot choc contains chocolate and salted caramel schnapps, milk and cream for pure indulgence.

The cocktail not only tastes like the best chocolate in the entire world, it also has some squidgy fat marshmallows and a few biccies plonked in for good measure.

5. Cocoa Tree

This chocolatier in Chorlton hand crafts all of their delicacies; from gorgeous little chocolates, to chocolate gifts, to their delightful hot chocolate in their cafe, this is a must for any chocoholics.

6. Black Milk Cereal

Their special Easter treat Easterfest is back for a few weeks only... so you'll have to be quick.

7. Cocoa Cabana

They're serving creme egg brownies in time for Easter...enough said.

(Feature Credit: @alanajaynes / Cocoa Cabana / Instagram)

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