These Didsbury Culinary Classes Are Ideal For An Unusual Christmas Gift

Cooking up a storm...


Another festive season is upon us which means another season of present shopping. Traffic, queues, financial woes, cold weather. Sounds miserable, doesn't it?

So don't bother! Instead of the usual books and socks, why not treat loved ones to something productive that will actually stand them in good stead for years to come? 

Food Sorcery, a new cookery school in Didsbury offers the perfect gift for hardcore foodies and beginners alike in the form of cookery vouchers!


Located in Waterside Hotel, Didsbury, the bright and airy kitchen overlooks the River Mersey and offers students the chance to learn in a fun and friendly environment. 

The cookery classes range from world foods, where you can learn the art of street food, to learning how to perfect a Sunday roast, a range of ever popular baking courses and learning to cook for specialty diets.

There's also an opportunity for some office bonding with corporate team building classes along with private dining for groups of 24 so everybody can sample the fruits of their (and each others) labour together afterwards.


You can even get the kids involved by signing them up for basic cooking skills or arranging a cookery birthday party to keep them entertained. 

And for the coffee lovers out there, barista training is available guaranteed to help you master the perfect blend at home, just like in your favourite coffee shop!

Nutritional courses at Food Sorcery are taken with resident nutritionist, Debbie Gallimore and vouchers come in amounts of £25, £50 or £100, giving the recipient an opportunity to choose a course that suits.

To find out more, go to the Food Sorcery website

Trust us, it's the one gift guaranteed to not to end up on a 'worst Christmas presents of all time' list! 

Your loved ones will thank you. Happy cooking all!

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