These Are The Top 10 Manchester Burgers For 2016

Get ready for the ultimate burger-bender.


Have you ever been desperate to satisfy your burger cravings but instead suffered the dilemma of too much choice? With Manchester’s brimming burger scene, it’s a regular occurrence for many the burger lover. Fortunately, Lovin Manchester is here to answer your patty prayers.

Here are the top ten burgers for 2016 that you need to try ASAP:   

10. Herbed Lamb Burger | £12.50 | Gorilla

Those who think a true burger should be beef-based need to bear with me on this one. A thick and tender lamb patty is served up on a toasted brioche bun with the contrasting combo of aioli sauce and red onion chutney. For an extra £1.50 you can add smokey streaky bacon and chargrilled chorizo to really get your meat fix. Yes, this mouth-watering concoction from Gorilla isn’t a classic beef burger so to speak, but it is still mighty satisfying. 

9. 100% Premium Beef Burger | £12 | Grill on the Alley

Though it’s not exclusively a burger bar, Grill on the Alley sure does know how to handle their meat. No-nonsense dishes centre around the quality of the produce, with the 100% premium beef burger being of no exception. Big spenders can upgrade their burger to the famous 100% Wagyu burger for a whopping £19.75.

8.The Beef’ham Tower | £15.95 | Beef & Pudding

Coming in at around £15, you’d expect big things from this monstrosity of a burger – and that’s exactly what you get. A chunky beef patty is piled high with succulent brisket, onion rings, suet pudding and mushy peas in a deliciously greasy tribute to Manchester’s Beetham tower. It comes with propa Northern gravy and Beef & Pudding’s special ‘Howling at the moon’ sauce – so be prepared to get messy with this one.  

7. Lucky 7’s Breakfast Muffin | £7.70 | Home Sweet Home

Just one peek at the mouth-wateringly overloaded cake displays at Home Sweet Home reveals gluttony galore, so it’s no surprise that the burger menu delivers a similar level of indulgence. But it’s not the usual meat-fest burger that has taken the fancy of our top ten, but the Lucky 7 breakfast muffin. An interesting stray from the typical burger trend sees this breakfast burger swap the sweet-come-soggy brioche bun for a more substantial breakfast muffin, as a tasty sausage patty is paired with all your English breakfast favourites; black pudding, crispy bacon and a poached egg. It’s a hearty brekkie that can be enjoyed until 2pm.


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6. World Famous Trof Cheeseburger | £9.50 |Trof

Sometimes burgers are better when they keep things simple. That’s why we love the world famous cheeseburger at Trof. Coined ‘Big & juicy’ by the master chefs, this simple dish features dry-aged Cheshire beef, double aged cheddar, biondi lettuce, pickles, burger sauce and a brioche bun. Some might say boring, but without oodles of elaborate American toppings to hide behind, this burger really brings the recipe back to basics with quality ingredients that compete with ease with the more radical NQ concoctions.   

5. Sloppy Juan | £10 | Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn

Of all the eye-popping burgers at this Californian/Mexican venue, it’s the Spicy Juan that makes it into our top ten. Lashings of brisket chilli cover a doubled smashed ‘wonder’ patty, whilst an unusual combo of cheeseburger sauce, lime jalapeno mayo and taco sauce blend together for a taste sensation. Sounds more-ish? Then try the ‘Big Jaun’ – a knockout upgrade with bacon double cheeseburger nachos replacing your usual burger bun.  


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4. Bacon Cheeseburger | £8.75 | Five Guys

A short pilgrimage to the Trafford centre will lead you to Five Guys. The American-style fast food chain that takes burgers back to what many think they should be – fast, simple and tasty meals. Try the bacon cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms and pickles or you’re own choice of toppings, wrapped up in an unpretentious foil or paper sheet.

3. The Manc-hattan | £11.90 | Solitas

Solita’s signature burger creation is a love affair between Manchester and Manhattan. A hearty oven bottom roll forms the foundations of this burger, with a medley of pastrami, melted Lancashire cheese, panko fried black pudding, Lancashire sauce and Coney Island mustard bursting through the middle. 

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2. The Donut Burger | £12.95 | Reds

Two patties, melted cheese, smoked peppered bacon, crispy onions and Dirty sauce, all served between two sweet glazed donuts. Legendary in Manchester, the donut burger is the stuff dreams are made of.

1. Triple Nom Burger | £9 | Almost Famous

The diet-destroying king of burgers takes its rightful crown at the top of our burger list. Dirty in the best possible way, it’s the Triple Nom burger that we can’t get enough of. Cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw, Redneck BBQ and Famous sauce combine in this messy masterpiece.  And my god did we mention the bacon bacon fries? In case you haven’t heard (shame on you) that’s skin on fries smothered in bacon-flavoured mayonnaise served with crispy bacon bits for those who don’t know (but really should).   

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