The Top 10 Sweet Potato Fries in Manchester

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Mmm sweet potato fries. Where have they been all our lives? These tasty treats only arrived on our plates over the last few years but now they’re everywhere - and for good reason. Somewhere in the middle of savoury and sweet we just can’t get enough of them, so we’ve made a guide of the best places in Manchester to grab your favourite side (that also won’t let you down with the dreaded soggy chip syndrome).

10. Byron

Standard sweet potato fries that never fail to impress. Showing that everyday potatoes don’t necessarily make the best chips, they also serve courgette fries… wait what?

Open Monday - Thursday 11:30am-11pm; Friday - Saturday 11:30am-11:30pm; Sunday 11:30am-10:30pm

It's fryday; we're in love.

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9. Solita

Simple, tasty, crispy fries that are exactly what you were craving and which blend dreamily with their hotdogs, burgers and grills, it’s easy to see why they’re called an ‘upgrade’. You could even be cheeky and ask for their famous pizza fries to be made with sweet tatties instead.

Open Monday - Thursday 12pm-10pm; Friday - Saturday 12pm-11pm; Sunday 12pm-10pm

Solita Fries

8. The Beagle

There’s something about these fries that feels weirdly healthy? Without a slither of grease of them it’s like they’ve been dried off on the outside but still remain soft and tasty on the inside. You can have your cheat day without feeling like you’re being naughty.

Closed Monday, open Tuesday - Thursday 4pm-12pm; Friday 2pm-1am; Saturday 10am-1am; Sunday 10am-12am

7. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I’m not sure why but sweet potato fries work really well with burgers, and GBK was one of the first chain restaurants who caught onto this. Always served with baconnaise (that’s mayonnaise with bits of bacon in) they truly complement your burger whether it’s made from beef or chicken. The great selection of flavoured mayos, including basil, smoked chilli and garlic, make perfect dips too.

Open Monday - Sunday 12pm-10pm

Gbk Fries

6. Reds True Barbecue 

Holy guacamole these Tex-Mex style fries are good. Slapping smoked pork, grilled cheese, chipotle sour cream, spring onion, sliced jalapeños and salsa onto sweet potato and skin-on fries, you’ll have died and gone to chippy heaven. But whatever you do, don’t look at their website if you’re hungry.

Open Monday - Thursday 12pm-11pm; Friday - Saturday 12pm-1am; Sunday 12pm-10pm

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5. Mughli

Curry and chips is a British staple, but have you ever tried it with sweet potato fries? As the name suggests, the gunpowder chips pack a mean punch and are the perfect accompaniment to your madras. The chilli lemon salt seasoning gives a flavour sensation like no other.

Open Monday - Thursday 5pm-11:45pm; Friday 5pm-12:15am; Saturday 4pm-12:15am; Sunday 2pm-10:15pm

4. Yard and Coop

Every Northerner knows that the best kind of chips come covered in something unhealthy, and Yard and Coop does not disappoint with its offering of all the classics: gravy, cheese and chip shop curry. Unafraid to be adventurous, one of their main dishes is served with mixed normal and sweet potato fries covered in peanut butter and jam, but if that’s not your thing then the damn delicious selection of sauces are sure to be. Chicken and chips never tasted so good.

Open Monday - Sunday 12pm-12:30am

Yard And Coop Chips

3. Home Sweet Home 

Aside from the fact they do the best eggs benedict in Manchester (seriously), Home Sweet Home have found the secret to success with their loaded fries. Featuring a mix of normal and sweet potato chips smothered in gooey, cheesy sauce, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and bacon bits, AND having the option to add a scoop of beef or veggie chilli, you’ll be too stuffed to order a main with this divine concoction.

NQ open Monday - Saturday 9am-10pm; Sunday 9am-9pmGreat Northern open Sunday -Thursday 9am-10pm; Friday - Saturday 9am-11pm

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2. Dog Bowl

Naked or loaded, Dog Bowl’s fries are ace. Combining normal and sweet potato fries with the option to either drown them in beans, mozzarella, brisket and pulled pork, or pile them up with bacon, pork scratchings, pulled pork, jack cheese and BBQ sauce, this is probably the pinnacle of chip gluttony. Even if just you order your sweet fries as a side these guys always seem to give you a massive portion, possibly to fuel you up with much needed carbs for your bowling win.

Open Sunday - Friday 12pm-2am; Saturday 10am-3am

1. Almost Famous

They may be renowned for the burgers but you’ll always hear visitors raving on about the chips too. So called ‘winning fries’, this mix of skin on and sweet potato goodness are born for baconnaise. Guaranteed to revive you from any hangover, the phoenix fries, sprinkled with bacon rain, frazzle dust, shoestring onions and chillies, and then soaked in redneck BBQ, bacon bacon (yep, that’s double bacon) mayo and JD maple sauces, are so good you’ll be in danger of forgetting about your burger.

Open Monday - Thursday 5pm-10pm; Friday - Saturday 12pm-11pm; Sunday 12pm-10pm

Bacon Bacon Fries

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