The 9 Best Cups Of Coffee In Manchester

You simply have to try all these before you die

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This post has been six months in the making. Since the very first day I came to Manchester to establish our presence here I've been busy drinking coffee all over the city. After trying everything there is to offer, asking for the opinion of those in-the-know and comparing notes I"m pretty confident with the list. Coffee is of course subjective and what I love could differ to your own taste. 

I'm not talking about the big chains with their plastic buckets of nasty cream covered monstrosities but rather the independent coffee shops making drinks to die for.

The standard just keeps getting better because these guys are setting the bar so high. People might wonder why so many of the best places are dotted around the Norther Quarter but the simple fact is that they all seem to gravitate towards there - but they are fanning out across the city.

Start working your way through the list (probably best not to do them all in one day though!)

9th. Federal Café

They call it a "New Zealand and Australian" cafe and it brings all the best things from that part of the world and mixes them with Northern Quarter charm. Superb food and even better coffee. A delight.

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 11 23
Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 11 08

8th. Fig & Sparrow 

Lovely name and even nicer coffee. They do lots of things including having a cafe, renting out an apartment on Airbnb and selling gifts in their online shop. The main reason we love them though is their insane coffee.

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 13 39

7th. Home Sweet Home

A bit of an institution on the Manchester scene. Most people probably think of foodie treats when heading to their locations but make no mistake about it they do a mean cup of coffee too. Top notch. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 02 35

6th. Grindsmith Brewbar

Have a few locations around the city (including media city and Deansgate) but we've gone for the pod because it is both the cutest and does some of the best coffee in town.

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 07 54
Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 08 23

5th. Caffeine & Co

A proper coffee shop that ticks all the boxes. Their food is a lovely add-on with some great cakes and treats but when you come here you come for the skills with which they make your favourite drink.

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 03 39
Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 10 03 35

4th. Takk 

A simple room where coffee is king. People come here to spend the day working while having a few cups of some the very best coffee in town. Simple but good food, top service and free wifi make it a great place to chill out.

Screen Shot 2016 08 02 At 17 11 12
Screen Shot 2016 08 02 At 17 32 37

3rd. North Tea Power

The place to come if you want an amazing coffee and some kick-ass eggs. The tunes are always good, the vibe relaxed and it ticks every box in terms of good quality coffee. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 09 38 10

2nd. Pot Kettle Black

A brilliant large room where coffee worshippers have been coming for years. Add in the fact that they do an incredible brunch all week long and their amazing cakes and sweet treats and you’ll fall in love with this place instantly.

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 09 32 30
Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 09 31 59

1st. Foundation Coffee House

The coffee in here is absolutely superb and what makes it even better is the huge open room which makes you want to stay all day. Add in the fact that with huge benches, lots of plugs and free fast wifi it is an amazing place to spend the day working. Not technically a coffee but they do a mean espresso martini in the evenings as a bit of a bonus!

Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 09 26 54
Screen Shot 2016 10 26 At 09 26 37

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