These Are The 6 Tastiest And Healthiest Takeaways To Order Tonight

Ditching the doner for a healthier dinner

Beef Noodle

If someone says takeaway you’d be forgiven for automatically thinking you’re in for a greasy meat feast with stuffed crust and a side of garlic bread or a hearty helping of chicken tikka massala. 

But there are some fast food outlets seeking to change this perception. Here’s a look at some of the healthiest options Manchester has to offer.

1. Pita Pit

First opened in Ontario, Canada in 1995, Pita Pit are famed for offering healthy Mediterranean-inspired pitas with gourmet options for vegetarians and vegans as well as meat-lovers. Away from the spicy grilled steak and falafel, Pita Pit also make a mean porridge topped with all manner of treats, a range of yoghurts and their own in-house coffee blend served in eco-friendly cups to help you start the day right. The chain currently has two Manchester locations.

3 Piccadilly Place, Ground Floor, Manchester, M1 3BN 45

Deansgate, Manchester, M32AY

2. Go Falafel

Praised for taste, freshness and nutritional value as well as convenience, Go Falafel make their falafels in-house daily using a generations-old recipe from the Middle East. Also serving salads, hummus and fresh juice and smoothies, their menu is 100% vegan. Delivery is not yet available but it is worth the trip to one of either of their family-run stores. You’d be hard pushed to find a better falafel (or healthier place to grab n' go) in Manchester.

3 Newton Street, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, M1 1HW

10 Mayfair Court, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5TP

3. Pho Café

Opening their fifteenth chain in Manchester’s Corn Exchange last year, Eccles-born restaurateur Stephen Wall and his wife Juliette fell in love with Vietnamese cuisine following a trip to the country and opened the first Pho Café in London over a decade ago. Specialising in its noodle soup namesake (watch the good people of Manchester try pronounce it below), Pho also offers nutritious and authentic Vietnamese salads and stir-frys that can be delivered via their Pho To Go service if you don’t fancy a trip to their 200 seater restaurant.

Unit 15, The Corn Exchange, 37 Hanging Ditch, Manchester, M4 3TR

4. Bosu Body Bar

Conceived by two personal trainers and a ballet teacher, Bosu Body Bar allow customers to craft their own box aimed at either helping them bulk up or slim down with a choice of protein (chicken, halloumi etc), a base (rice, quinoa etc) and sides (hummus, roasted veg, apple coleslaw etc). And don't forget the waffle for dessert! Inspired by worldly travels as well as an education in nutrition, Bosu Body Bar also offer week long and month long lifestyle plans where prepare all your tailored meals to best fit your diet and deliver them to your door.

741 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, M20 6RN

5. Chop’d

Click and collect salad is now a thing thanks to Eddie Holmes and Allan Cook, creators of Chop’d. Their Manchester store is the only one of their thirteen branches outside of London and not only offers a delicious range of salads made from the freshest ingredients but also stews, soups and wraps. Nutrition nerds will particularly enjoy their award winning online calculator used with their build and buy your own salad feature.

68 Cross St, Manchester M2 4JQ

6. Osechi Street Food

Japanese is widely considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world thanks in part to its abundance of low calorie protein and healthy fats. From avocado hosomaki to yaki udon chicken (there’s a disappointing lack of anything on the menu beginning with z), Osechi Street Food delivers a plethora of sushi, noodles, soups and even Thai green curry. As with good sushi though, it make take a bit longer than your standard dominoes order.

664 Bolton Rd, Pendlebury, M27 8FH


If you can’t keep away from your favourite takeaways but still want to watch your waistline, here are some handy tips (recommended by the NHS no less) to help you cut some calories from your usual order.


Stir-fried dishes not only contain plenty of veg but are also significantly lower in fat, sugar and MSG than things like sweet and sour which are often battered and deep fried. Simply swapping fried rice for plain can cut out half the calories! A crab and sweetcorn soup is a much healthier starter than spring rolls


Tomato-based curries like bhuna, madras and tandoori are healthier than creamy sauces such as korma and massala. In fact, ordering plain rice and chapatis over pilau and naan can save you around 400 calories! Bhajis are deep-fried so an obvious no no. Instead try a lentil side dish such as dhal.


Despite what health experts say about cutting cheese out of your order to save on calories and fat, I fail to see how it can remain a pizza without it but ordering medium over large and seafood or vegetarian over more meaty toppings are both easy ways to be a bit healthier. Thin over deep pain is also an effective way to make your pizza less calorific.

Fish and Chips 

The flagship of British cuisine, a trip to your local chippy can see you walk away with over 1000kcal tied up mostly in saturated fat, especially if you opt for sausage or pie. Fish coated in breadcrumbs, however, is high in omega 3 and other vitamins and mushy peas let you get one of your five a day. Limit yourself to a small portion of chips or, even better, opt for potato scallops.


That spinning mass of grey meat? You guessed it, not the healthiest option on the menu. Ditch the doner and instead try a chicken shish kebab with pitta and plenty of salad. Be sure to stay away from the garlic or chilli sauces and salad dressing so that you don't undo your good work.

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