'This Is THE Perfect Manchester Restaurant For A First Date'

You'll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner

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Ah, Manchester.

Anyone who says that Paris is the real city of love has clearly never skipped across Deansgate hand-in-hand at twilight after one or two cold ones.

Romance is alive and well within these Uber laden streets, and we're here to inform you as to where is the most romantic spot in town.

Enter, Platzki

The beautifully intimate little nook that is Platzki is the perfect first date spot for several reasons.

Let's begin with their grub.

Serving locally-sourced, crafted-with-love Polish cuisine, Platzki's most alluring USP lies with it seasonally-changing menus, rich, homely cuisine and 'street-style' Polish tapas.

Their extensive menu boasts attention to detail on a whole new level and allows for the perfect amount of giddy small talk, allowing your nerves to shift to excitement with the confirmation that you're about to have an incredible evening - with amazing food.

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The menu caters to tons of different tastes, whether you're feeling more fishy or if game is your thing - dishes throughout the menu vary in price, flavour and size massively too.

As for their drinks menu - there's a range of speciality and eccentrically flavoured Polish vodka, and the beers are hoppy and fruit-driven, and underneath the twinkling lights of the meticulously decorated alcove that is the main dining room - you'll find that it's near impossible to not fall for the surroundings.

Everything – from the stews to the tempting sideboard of desserts – is made from scratch in their narrow little kitchen, and the passionate chefs are expert at adapting to their current environment and customer tastes.

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Dishes are carefully tailored to showcase Polish cuisine at its very best - without alienating people who might not have tried this sort of food before.

The servers are also phenomenal - armed with information on each and every meal, you can rely on the safe hands of Platzki's own to guide you down the right path to having one of the best meals of your Manchester life. These guys boast a menu that anyone would be proud of - so you can't really go wrong.

So do yourself a favour - ask them out, take the chance and book a table at the cosiest and most beautiful spot in town.

Trust us, you'll be kicking yourself for not becoming a regular before...

Platzki is located at 255 Deansgate, The Great Northern, Manchester, M3 4EN

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