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This Is The Only Place You Should Be Going For Fish And Chips Today

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It’s #NationalFishandChipDay today.

So you know what that means?

It means I get to talk about fish and chips, that’s what.

And if any of you know your chippies, you’ll know that this day wouldn’t mean anything without my personal favourite ‘The Hip Hop Chip Shop’. 

Hip Hop Chip Shop 1

Not only is their Fish and Chips insanely delicious, but their trailer is super cool too.


You’ll find them handing out the goods on The Splat, Media City and what’s even better, they have fish, vegetarian and vegan options too – they’ve got it covered.

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And, if the food wasn’t a good enough selling point for you – they’re also hilarious to follow on Twitter too (although I’m sure they’d like it if you enjoyed their food before their tweets). 

So, who’s celebrating the day in style? 

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