The Best Quirky Coffee Joints In The City

Sick of the same old cuppa Joe? We've got what you're looking for

Matcha Latte


Federal is one of Manchester's most prized late-night coffee shops, and it's also a bar and eatery - but don't let it's Jack Of All Trades offering fool you - it's home to just about the best coffee in the city. And if you're fancying something a little different - and highly instagrammable (come on, don't pretend you wouldn't...) you have to try their green matcha latte. Served with a delicate stirring spoon which looks so archaic that we suspect a barista may have raided the Downton Abbey set for props, it really does have you feeling a million quid - it's super good for you (matcha is actually ground green tea, don't ya know.)

Try the food while you're there - the avocado smash with crispy bacon is a personal favourite.

Teacup - Northern Quarter

An obvious one - but so worth a mention. Teacup serve up such a large range of speciality teas and coffees that I felt confused and flustered upon being asked for my order. The chosen cacao vanilla tea however did not disappoint, and unlike some flavoured and herbal teas you can buy, which claim to be one flavour but are indistinguishable from another - this one ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE CHOCOLATE (to my delight, and if I'm honest, surprise.)

The tea comes with a timer (for optimal brewing time) and FYI, their rainbow cake is worth having a fat day for.

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Richmond Tea Rooms

Ever fancied falling through the pages of one of Lewis Carroll's magical novels? Now you can! Go through the rabbit hole and emerge into Richmond’s astonishing world of Alice in Wonderland-style fun, parcelled away down a side street in Manchester’s colourful Gay Village.

The interior is quite frankly stunning and only outdone by the food which is kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic. Good enough recommendation? Don't take our word for it...

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