The 11 Best Places In Manchester To Get A Hot Chocolate

You deserve some liquid comfort today

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We’ve scoured the city for the most sumptuous drinking chocolates, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth and warm the soul…

11. Slattery - Bury New Road

Renowned for having made the wedding cake for Manchester legends the Rooneys, Slattery is patissier to the stars. But their real claim to fame is their mouth-watering hot chocolate, served in the cafe above the shop. A liquid Belgian chocolate lined glass, filled to the brim with velvety milk and a side of chocolate dipped strawberries, certainly makes for one premiere league hot chocolate.

10. Cocoa Tree - Chorlton

Cocoa Tree use their sustainably sourced, all natural, home blend liquid chocolate to make a rich and oh-so-luxurious drink that has us weak at the knees.

9. The Christmas Markets

Okayyy we know it's only February - but we're excited already and we especially love the liqueur hot chocolates, how could we not add them to the list?!

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8. Black Milk - Affleck's

Not for the faint-hearted, Black Milk’s show-stopping hot chocolates are overflowing with creamy goodness and sweet treats. The Reeses Peanut Butter molten chocolate “stacked” with a sticky chocolate fudge brownie and an eruption of cream had us in a sugar- induced coma we never wanted to end.

7. Sugar Junction - Tib Street

We’re in love with this incredibly cute vintage tea parlour based in the Northern Quarter. Sugar Junction offer a selection of speciality hot chocolates that are just divine, all served in the loveliest china cups that have us feeling like a regular Audrey Hepburn.

6. Home Sweet Home

From gooey cheesy nachos to cakes good enough to make Mary Berry blush, this American-style cafe definitely knows comfort food. Boasting the dreamiest creamy hot chocolate, oozing over the edges and topped with toasted marshmallows- Home Sweet Home's is happiness in a mug.

5. Cocoa Cabana - Didsbury

If you ever doubted that chocolate is an art form, this Didsbury based chocolatier will have you convinced. Vegan Mayan Cocoa and White Chocolate and Raspberry are just two of the amazing flavours of hot chocolate in their repertoire. Truly decadent delights for the more sophisticated chocoholic.

4. Takk - Northern Quarter

It's not on the menu - but trust us when we say their cherry hot chocolate is the most divine cup of goodness we've ever tasted. And we've tasted a lot ;)

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Ps the cake counter's not too shabby either...

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3. Bonbon Chocolate Boutique - Northern Quarter

Bonbon’s notorious hot chocolate is simply melted chocolate, water and sugar, expertly blended and infused with spices to create a drink which is silky and intense. As it’s dairy-free, it's perfect for all you vegans and is as good for you as chocolate gets. Healthy chocolate you say?

Bonbon Boutique where have you been all my life?

2. Teacup Kitchen - Thomas Street

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Teacup Kitchen keeps it classic; warm and comforting, just the way we like it. Treat yourself to a hot choccy and a slice of their rainbow cake for a sweet snack that will brighten the gloomiest of days and make your insides smile.

1. Hot Schokolate - Albert's Schloss

Hands down the ruler of them all. What can we tell you, it's no ordinary bierhaus!

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