No Doubt About It - The Top 5 Burritos In Manchester

Time to finally settle the debate about the best lunch dish in the world

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Lunch used to be a very plain affair for most of us but these days we seem spoilt for choice with options from all over the world coming to this great city. 

While some opt for pasta, some for sandwiches or even curry - we think that the king of all lunchtime dishes has to be the burrito. All those exciting flavours and exotic tastes all smothered with cheese wrapped up in a wonderful parcel of goodness customised to your liking. What's not to love?

Now while there is bound to be huge debate and plenty of name calling on this hot topic - we thought we'd settle it once and for all and give you the top 5 burritos in Manchester. Don't go eating them all at once!

5th. Wahaca

One of the best Mexican experiences you'll ever have. Would be higher up the list were it not for the fact that they are a sit-down restaurant. Amazing range of sauces, meats and toppings to help you create your very own masterpiece.

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4th. Barburrito

One of 18 restaurants across the UK (In Trafford centre and Deansgate here) and they've absolutely nailed the casual Mexican burrito to go. Try the pulled pork for huge flavour and a portion that you'll struggle to finish.

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 At 13 29 08

3rd. Chilangos

They don't mess around in here - with burritos so big they are about the size of a newborn. Huge focus on the very best of ingredients which make their burritos especially juicy.

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 At 13 21 53

2nd. Changos 

You'll be able to guess just how good their burritos are by the queue snaking out the door every single lunchtime. The portions are huge and the prices affordable. An absolute treat.

Screen Shot 2016 10 11 At 13 24 49

1st. Luck Lust Liquor Burn

One of the pricier burritos on the list but this is more restaurant than a quick takeaway option on a tray. The Mexican food in here is absolutely off the charts and the burrito is no exception.

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