This Is Where You'll Find The Best Burrito In Manchester

And it's just behind the local fishmongers...

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If the experts say so, it must be good, right?

According to BBC Good Food (which we reckon is a pretty passable source) 'lame burritos' died a death when Pancho's Burritos camped up in t' North.

Pioneer Enrique Martinez, proud founder of the Pancho's outlets, which you can find in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool - produces a burrito which the BBC claim "would pass muster even in Mexico City."

High praise indeed.

Many of the ingredients used to make the city's favourite Mexican treat are actually imported to give the dishes that authentic flair and all the vibrant flavours. And the key they say - are the quality ingredients.

Offering a range of quesadillas, tacos and tostadas, the branch also sell cactus sauces and pozole stew with hominy corn - and testament to the quality is the queues forming daily inside the Manchester Arndale food market.

They have a great range of vegan options too, so if you've been partaking in Veganuary '19 and are carrying it on (good on you!) you won't be disappointed.

Got a stinking hangover this Sunday?

Enrique recommends the mutton and pasilla chilli stew, a spin on slow-braised barbacoa and according to him - is the best cure you could ask for.

We're certainly up for putting it to the test.

Sure, Changos and Bar Burrito won't be happy at the news.

Do you agree with the experts?

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