Here Are The 5 Top Ramen Restaurants in Manchester

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Ramen is a much loved, often raved about dish at at the monent, and it's easy to see why: there’s nothing finer for a light lunch or dinner than a bowl of noodles and delicious homemade broth. 

Manchester seems to be offering more and more of it, and we're not complaining. Paired with a cold glass of white wine, you simply can’t go wrong. 

Here are some of Manchester's finest ramen restaurants:

1. Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Manchester is the first branch outside of London, which brings authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen to us good folk of Manchester. 

Located in the city centre, the restaurant is a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station and the famous Arndale shopping centre. They do brilliant large portions of ramen bowls topped with all sorts, from seafood, chicken, pork, jalapenos, fried shallots, to name a few...

For bookings call 020 3405 7550 or email

2. Wagamama

A popular chain it may be, but it doesn't mean it's ramen dishes aren't fantastic. In fact, we'd go as far as to say we've never been disappointed with a comforting bowl of warm noodles and broth from the chain. 

Topped with chicken, pork, fish or veggies, you'll find the ramen dishes from Wagamama's are loaded with spices and herbs to give them a real kick. They certainly warm the cockles!

Plus, you'll find a number of Wagamama's dotted around Manchester, and you rarely need to book. 

You can find them at Hardman Boulevard, St Peters Square and Trafford Centre.

3. Samsi

Samsi is an old favourite, which opened in April 1993. Since then, Samsi has been serving authentic Japanese food using fresh, premium ingredients and plenty of care with the aim of providing a fine Japanese dining experience.

The ramen dishes are traditional and have that real Japanese kick. They come served up in large bowls, again with a range of toppings including meats and vegetables, and can be served at different spice levels. 

You can also enjoy a real Japanese dining experience with seating which lets you sit on the floor, with your legs dangling below, eating in the real authentic Japanese tradition style. 


4. Umami

Umami is a fantastic little underground Japanese eatery, known for it's super affordable lunch time buffets and menus. It's tucked away down Oxford Rd, therefore a favourite with students who want a cheap and cheerful fix of Ramen.

All ramen dishes are served to authentic and traditional Japanese standards, and the chilli beef or teriyaki chicken ramen dishes seem to be the most popular offerings.

Find UMAMI at 149-153 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7EE


5. Wasabi

Wasabi are another popular Ramen chain, known for their tonkotsu broth. This signature ramen dish is made from a minimum of 18 hours of cooking to make this sumptuous broth, unique to Japanese cuisine. They use only natural ingredients, locally sourced and imported directly from various parts of Japan.

The broth is then paired with their fresh ramen noodles, chilli and spices, bringing a little bit of Japan to Manchester

63 Faulkner St, Manchester M1 4FF


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