Get Booking - Gary Usher's New Didsbury Bistro Is Now Open

Hispi has arrived...


People of Didsbury, rejoice. 

The long-awaited official opening of chef Gary Usher's new venture, Hispi, is set to take place this coming Friday. 

The team is in place, the menu has been set and everything is ready to go. 

The official launch party took place last weekend but this week the public will be able to get a taste of the delicious menu.

Included are hallmarks of Usher's other restaurants, the Sticky Walnut in Chester and the Burnt Truffle in Heswell, such as braised featherblade steak with grilled broccoli, onion puree and truffle and parmesan chips.

If that's not enough. the desserts are equally mouthwatering and include dark chocolate terrine with pear butter and pistachio sponge, and barley malt beignets with whiskey cream and syrup.

With the new restaurant set to capture the imagination of the people of Didsbury and beyond, perhaps it would be wise to book a table if you intend to visit over the next few weekends.

We know we will be!

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