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5 Cool Sunday Daytime Dates In Manchester

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If you are not totally hangin’ today then why not have a little day date around Manchester.

Day dates can be an absolute dream if you give it some proper thought – and do it right.

Here are here the best ones in Manchester today.

1. Dog Bowl

A bit of harmless fun, bowling’s always a great way to break the ice.

Open Monday – Friday 12pm – 2am; Saturday 10am – 3am; Sunday 12pm – 2am

2. Cat Café

If your date is an animal lover, they’ll also love you for bringing them to this cat heaven!

Open 9am – 7pm daily

3. Rock climbing, Rock Over Climbing

Looking for a date that’ll make you laugh, well if they are literally dangling in the air in front of you, which, as we all know, is always fun.

4. Mackie Mayor, NQ/Ancoats

Lunch dates may seem a bit far-fetched, but for the worker bees of the world it may be the only option. Get stuck into one of the many gorgeous artisan options and indulge with your significant other in some of the best grub there is going.

5. Manchester Art Gallery

Impress your date with some culture and bring them to the hidden gem that is the Manchester Art Gallery.

Also within its walls is a lovely little café, with really reasonably priced food, drinks and caaaaakkee (obvs.)

6.Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is fab for all animal lovers and it even has a cute little cafe where you can chat and get to know eachother more. 

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