17 Manchester Brunch Dishes You Have To Try Before You Die

Maybe don't do them all in one weekend though

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I think we can all agree that any meal eaten at the weekend, involving large portions and accompanied by cocktails is a winner right? 

We could eat brunch every single day of the week but some dishes are better than others when it comes to this most epic of meals in Manchester. 

To save you from the crushing disappointment of an underwhelming brunch, we've created a list that you can work your way through for the rest of the year. 

Put on your fat pants, call your friends and start getting stuck into these brunch dishes...

1. Moose Coffee - Lula Puebla (smashed avocado, salsa verde & poached eggs)

This is a casual cafe that serves amazing breakfast and brunch. There are some great options but this dish is simple perfection.

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2. Evelyn's - Salad Bowl With Poached Egg And Avocado 

A dish for those looking to have a healthy brunch but who don't want to feel like they are missing out.

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3. Common - The Large Fry Up

One for those who want a huge portion and all the things we all crave with a dirty hangover. Wash it down with a cocktail to get things really sorted.

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4. The Alchemist - American Waffles 

Of course, they are well known for their cocktails but they do a mean brunch as well. The waffles with bacon and maple syrup are absolutely off the charts good.

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5. Albert's Shed - The Brunch Buttie 

Everything that you could wish for in a breakfast roll. Put this one to the top of the list if the weather is nice, as it is the perfect place to go for an al fresco brunch.

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6. Home Sweet Home - Salt Beef Hash

Like everything about this place, the salt beef hash is super inventive and tasty beyond belief. One of those places where you want everything on the menu X 2.

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7. The Hideaway By The Sponge Sisters - Strawberry Scones

They do lots of substantial meals here in Urmston but their scones are absolutely gorgeous and perfect with a good cup of tea or coffee. A delight.

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8. Sugar Junction - Poached Eggs As You Like Them

We are going to make a big call and say they do the best poached eggs in the city in here. With a fry up, salmon, ham or just plain, this is the place to have them.

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9. Bill's - Pancakes 

They know what they do well in here and they stick to it. Huge portions, fast service and pancakes whichever way you happen to like them. Divine.

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10. San Carlo Cicchetti - Burger And Chips

You could get a burger and chips anywhere in the city but if you want the best of the best, then you'll not do any better than here. A really special treat.

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11. Pen And Pencil - Steak And Eggs

Some of the best cooking in town. Not only do they do this incredible steak and eggs but they also offer bottomless brunches. Perfect!

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12. Federal - Brioche French Toast (w/ berry compote, vanilla mascarpone & salted caramel)

They specialise in brunch here and it shows. Seriously, read the title of that dish, look at the picture and tell us you don't want to eat that right now!

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13. Northern Soul - Pig On A Lead Grilled Cheese

The perfect spot when you are short of time but still want that amazing brunch kick. There's a huge range of grilled cheese sandwiches but this one ticks all the brunch boxes.

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14. Black Milk - S'Mores

When the cheat day is totally out of control and you want to skip straight to the sweet stuff, this is the best place to get a fix in town.

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15. Pokusevskis - Quiche

A couple of locations in Manchester but we are going with Media City. They do lots of things really well but we are going with the quiche, which is their speciality and just incredible.

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16. Trove - Ham Hock And Soft Boiled Eggs

Out of the city in Levenshulme, this spot is best known for its incredible bread. So good you could eat it on its own but the weekend specials are where it is at!

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17. Caffé Grande by Piccolino - Smoked Salmon Eggs 

A stunning room and a really classy place to have brunch in style. The hollandaise on this dish is absolutely to die for.

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