The Top 10 Dog-Friendly Places In Manchester To Get Food & Drinks

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Dog In Tow

For many people, eating out often involves the awkward question of what to do with their canine friends when they are gone. 

Despite always being at the table at home longingly looking for spilt crumbs for every home meal our pooch friends don’t often get to come out with us.

We thought we’d share a list of the 10 best places to head in Manchester if you have your dog friend in tow and want to either have a couple of pints, a coffee or even a full meal.

Life is just better and more fun with dogs around. We just wish we didn’t have to make a list of the places and instead they were universally accepted everywhere. Time to go and grab that lead and go for a well deserved walk!

1. Koffee Pot

What better way to start the day than a nice walk with the dog followed by one of the best cups of coffee in the city. Bliss.

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2. The Oast House

The perfect place to stop off after a long walk around the city for a drink on the terrace. Ask nicely and some water for the pooch won't be a problem either as you both rehydrate. 

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3. Brew Dog

You'd be pretty annoyed if a chain of pubs named after our four legged friends didn't allow dogs. Luckily, they do and that means you can enjoy their wide selection of craft beers with the little guy at your feet.

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4. The Beagle 

Named after a dog with a dog on their website and their branding. Pretty safe to say you can bring your dog in here and enjoy food, drink and general merriment. Very likely you'll meet some doggie friends too.

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5. The Wharf

Apart from there being loads of space, great food, alcohol and amazing staff the real reason to go is they do a "dog of the week" on their Facebook page. Amazing.

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6. North Tea Power

A Northern Quarter institution and a place where you will eat well, have amazing teas and coffee and do it all with the company of your true best friend. Also very likely to meet other doggies with their humans which is always a bonus!

Screen Shot 2016 08 25 At 17 23 04

7. Ezra & Gil

They have a gif of a dog on their homepage which is a bit of a giveaway to their love for our canine friends. Perfect place to bring the dog if you want to do some work and not sit at home all day. Great coffee, treats and sandwiches.

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8. Common

The hip spot in town and the good news is that your dog is more than welcome. Great food, drinks and weekends vibes. 

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9. No.1 Watson Street

48 Beers by the bottle, 12 on tap, comfy seats and even blankets for the dogs. What more could you want in life? Oh great comfort food too!

Screen Shot 2016 08 25 At 17 00 12
Screen Shot 2016 08 25 At 17 01 04

10. Cottonopolis

Loads of amazing food and tasty cocktails. More a place for the early evening though as it does get busy later in the evening when all good doggies should be tucked up in their beds.

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