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10 Cheeseboards In Manchester That We'll Never Get Feta Up Of

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie?

There's something about sitting down with a crisp glass of vino, a few grapes and a board filled with every type of cheese imaginable. It's glam, it's tasty and it's completely satisfying, no matter what mood you're in. 

Cheeseboards bring me a kind of happiness that no other food can. I'm totally obsessed with them and I really enjoy the experience. It's much more chilled than ordering a three course meal in a restaurant. You can just sit back with your mate, properly catch up and indulge in delicious grub while you're at it. 

1. Basil + Lily

This lesser-known cheese haven is the perfect spot for those sunny days and warm evenings when you just fancy a cheeky bottle of wine and a nibbly meal without all the airs and graces a proper sit down 3 course meal affords.

And Basil + Lily's cheeseboard and aperitivo selection is the perfect answer...

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2. 57 Thomas Street

The best in Manchester, hands down.

57 Thomas Street just have so much to choose from! They don’t have five options, or even 10, but you can pick from a list of 16 different cheeses, including Cheddar, Gubeen and Tovey. It’s all served with bread, crackers, pickles, fig cake and quince jelly as well. And for only £2.50 per cheese, it has to Brie tried.

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3. Veeno

Veeno is an Italian Wine Café which takes all their wine from a family vineyard in Sicily and their cold meat cuts, breads and cheeses from Italy, so you know this is the real deal!

Choose four cheeses to make up their Formaggi House Platter. From Parmesan to Gorgonzola and Mozzarella di Bufala, there’s plenty to keep your taste buds tingling!

They even help you find the perfect wine to go to Cheddar with your cheese.

4. Albert Square Chophouse

The Albert Square Chophouse are really Fondue their quality cheese. They even serve their Great British Cheeseboard with summer chutney, grapes, celery and biscuits. My mouth is watering already!

5. 63 Degrees

63 Degrees offers a selection of French cheeses to finish off your meal, and recommend a glass of port to go with it.

But choose Caerphilly, you don’t want to regret missing out on any of these classic French cheeses!

6. Dukes 92

Make your own Sharing Board at Dukes 92 by putting together your own choice of cheeses with meat, fish and salads as well, if that floats your boat. But all boards come with date and apple chutney, sauteed baby veg, sourdough and black rye crisps anyway, so there’s more than enough to keep you full until your next cheesy craving. And all are at very reasonable prices – I bet you Camembert the thought of not trying it!

7. Allotment

Allotment serves up the best of British with their cheeseboard. They offer three cheeses with homemade chutney and crackers. It’s a grate place to get your cheese fix!

8. Manchester House

For your cheeseboard from Manchester House, just take your pick from the cheese trolley. This cheeseboard is a little more expensive than the other options, but you can’t get much Feta than this. It all looks delish! 

9. The Whiskey Jar

This Northern Quarter gem has a delish selection of deli boards where you can match your cheese with meats, scotch eggs or pate. And at The Whiskey Jar all are served with an assortment of bread, crackers, relishes, oils and dips.

But don’t go alone or there might be Stiltons left.

10. Albert's Schloss

These guys don't offer a set cheeseboard per se, but their sformato which is a sharer featuring baked truffled mashed potato and melting nuggets of their famous alpine cheese is an absolute winner and absolutely perfect paired with a nice chilled beer.

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