Authentic Italian Pizza-Flavoured Gelato Has Landed In Manchester

You're gonna want to taste this...

Pizza Gelato Press Release

If you're ever wanted to blend pizza with ice cream for a flavour sensation, you're going to love this.

Slice Pizzeria in Manchester’s Northern Quarter have made pizza-flavoured Gelato a REAL THING.

The gelato base is made using Italian buffalo milk, just like in mozzarella production, giving it a subtle cheese taste.

Pizza Gelato Press Shot 2

It’s then rippled with 100% Italian tomatoes and breadcrumbs from Slice’s very own pizza base.

Why, you might ask?

Simple... “Pizza and Gelato are two of the best foods, so we thought, why not join them?” they say.

It’s available now in the restaurant.

Slice Pizzeria was born from owner Matt’s passion for great food and his desire to break free from huge, mean restaurant chains.

Pizza Gleato With Owner Matt

Matt wanted to create great honest food, made by his own hands, fresh and from scratch every day.

Eager to learn the ancient craft of pizza al taglio, Matt travelled to Rome to train with master Pizzaiolo Emiliano Baldini - who taught his craft and a few of his own secrets on the way.

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