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OMG This Supermarket Now Has Christmas Dinner Pizza And We Need It Right Now

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I could quite happily eat nothing but roast dinners and pizzas for the rest of my life.

Well now, one great supermarket has combined them both.

Yes you heard me, Asda have launched a Christmas Dinner Pizza and we are drooling.

For only £3.50 for the biggie (14 inch) and £2.30 for slightly smaller we think this is a steal.

The epic pizza doesn’t bother with the love or hate Brussels Sprouts but gives us all of the good stuff. Turkey, stuffing, cheese and of course the nation’s fave… pigs in blankets.

For the cranberry sauce lovers amongst you, you can thank ASDA for topping it off with a sachet of the red stuff if you want a complimentary dip.

We advise you to get yourself down there NOW.

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