This Super Duper Cheap Oven Lets You Cook Your Entire Breakfast In One Go

Coffee, toast, sausages, eggs, everything


We've all been there. You wake up with a rotten stinking hangover come Sunday morning after a night out down Deansgate with your buds and alllll you want right now is a big pile of yummy greasy sausages, eggs, toast and a great big steaming mug of coffee to inject a bit o' life back into the old dog!

Behold, my friend.

This nifty little bad boy is called the 'multi-functioning breakfast station.' 

And it sure is as good as its word...


It features a non-stick griddle that can cook (to perfection we might add)...

- Eggs

- Sausages, Bacon, Steak

- Black Pudding

 - Mushrooms

Aaaaand it even makes delicious coffee in the 4-cup capacity coffee maker!

The multi-functioning aluminium toaster oven bakes, toasts and reheats food.The Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station lets you conveniently make a wonderful, complete breakfast with just one appliance. 

It even has a 30 minute timer with an automatic shut-off - all that for just over £70 quid.

Know someone this would be perfect for? You can buy your very own breakfast station on eBay here.

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