ALERT - A Huge Secret About Manchester's Gravy Bar Has Just Got Out

Bringing the city to a standstill

Gravy Bar

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The 'Manchester Gravy Bar' has been making national headlines and the supposed Northern Quarter venue to house it appeared to release the new menu just days time for an unknown but highly-speculated launch date.

Blown up on social media as the world's most Northern eatery, we were promised a selection of gravy-based favourites, including the 'Beasto' and 'Hot Chilli.'

"Gravy Bar is a deluxe cuisinery in Manchester's Northern Quarter, launching in early 2017," their website stated.

"It's the first of its kind and our own true homage to the finest part of the Sunday roast: Gravy."

But alas, it looks like the announcement may have been a huge hoax, folks...

Although their tongue-in-cheek tweets are still worth a peek for laughs, don't get us wrong...

Who knows, maybe the hype will encourage some bugger to open a gravy bar anyway.

We're certainly game!

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