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A ‘Pay As You Feel’ Restaurant Launches Campaign To Set Up Shop In Manchester

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Manchester’s Real Junk Food project has set its sights on bringing the first full-time pay-as-you-feel cafe-come-restaurant to this vibrant city!

The not for profit enterprise focuses on tackling food waste, food poverty and campaigns for greater social inclusion, and has ran a number of successful pop-up events in Manchester.

Now, a £20k crowdfunding campaign has been launched to generate the funds needed to set up a semi-permanent shop for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The unit will be in the city centre, focusing on the enjoyment of great food in an all-encompassing, all-welcome atmosphere. Top quality fare by project chef Aumbry’s Mary-Ellen McTague will be the order of the day and all of the meals just happen to be made from wasted ingredients, served on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

That’s right, instead of being presented with a bill, you’ll be asked to pay based on what you feel the food was worth.

Can’t say fairer than that, ey?

Funds raised will primarily go into building the project’s kitchen and equipment which, where possible, will be sourced second-hand – in keeping with Real Junk Food Project’s ethos of reducing waste wherever and whenever they can.

Corin Bell, director for Real Junk Food Manchester, has said: 

“The ultimate point of our project is that this food shouldn’t have been thrown away – there was nothing at all wrong with it. In fact produce from wholesalers is often at the peak of ripeness but retailers wouldn’t buy it because it would be past it’s best the day after it reached their shelves.” 

“We have harvested a whole field of cauliflowers that were deemed the ‘wrong shade of white’ for supermarkets – this is so hard to understand when it tastes great and is packed full of nutrients.”

“The best way we can think of to show how good this food is, is to have two amazing chefs transform it into fantastic dishes of top restaurant quality. That’s what this restaurant will do with the help of the people of Manchester.

“Plus pay-as-you-feel creates an innovative, inclusive space that deliberately bucks the recent trend towards food banks. We aim to create a space where people from all backgrounds are welcome, regardless of whether or not they have money.” 

“This is a conscious choice to work against the unfortunate consequence of a food bank model, where the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are segregated, often being offered little dignity or choice – everyone is welcome at our table.”

The perks

Apart from doing a hell of a lot of good on the old environment front of course, donors will receive a series of rewards depending on the level of donation (including but not limited to the below)…

 – For £5 – The High Five – you’ll get a big sloppy THANK YOU from the team at Real Junk Food Manchester and an ethical chocolate bar from Divine (they’re yummy – trust us!) Your name will also of course be added to Real Junk Food website as a supporter of the project.

 – For £250 – Junk Food Supper Club – you’ll be given the chance to host a waste food supper club for up to 10 people, complete with food cooked by Real Junk Food chefs, in your home!

Please note: supper clubs hosted more than 20 miles from Manchester city centre will need to support travel, and if necessary accommodation costs of the Real Junk Food Team. Real Junk Food will provide all food and chefs, you provide the drinks and guests. 10 available

 – For £2500 – Best Friends Forever – Real Junk Food Project will take a special occasion and make it truly magical. Head Chef Mary-Ellen McTague and the team will cater a wedding, corporate launch, or even a big birthday – it’s your choice! 

Please note: catering will be for up to 150 guests, within 20 miles of Manchester city centre. Events of larger numbers or further afield can be catered, but may incur other costs. 1 available

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