A Gigantic 1.5KG Bagel-Pizza Has Been Invented To Celebrate National Bagel Day Today

Laden with lashings of beef brisket


Bagels and pizza must be two of our favourite lunch-come-snacks, so when we heard that a gigantic combination of the two is being created we were beyond excited.

Welcome: the new Bagelizza

Hundreds of the new creation are being given out to hungry punters for free in celebration of National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day - both of which fall on the 8th February. Awkward. Question is, which food is more important for you?

The New York Bakery Co. are the brains behind the excitingly mashed-up product, inspired by the true taste of New York, which has brought the two giants of the culinary world together in a gigantic 12-inch bake.

The creation is hand-made by the expert bakers at New York Bakery Co. Each bagel weighs in at an impressive 1.5kg, which is more than sixteen times heavier than the average bagel.

Bagel Measure

Laden with glorious lashings of 21-day-aged grass-fed brisket, the cured pastrami sits on top of a bed of sauerkraut, shavings of swiss cheese and finished off with a drizzle of Russian dressing – all sitting on top of the restaurant’s signature marinara sauce and 300g of mozzarella (Mmmm.)

The deep dish can serve a whopping eight people and will be served in-store on over on Deliveroo on Saturday 9th February 2019 on a first come, first serve basis, the limited-edition ‘Bagelizza’ is available to order in-store or on Deliveroo from midday.

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