A City Centre Restaurant's Going To Feed Customers BLINDFOLDED

A new taste sensation

Vapiano Main

The first bite of a plate of food, they say, is with the eyes.

So Vapiano's upcoming event is pretty interesting - because they won't let you see what you're tucking into.

The venue's hosting a Blond Tasting as part of Manchester Food and Drink Festival, featuring a variety of different dishes off their menu.

"Don't be nervous," they coax. "This isn't a bushtucker trial. It's dishes from our menu you'll try blindfolded.

"Think you can tell your veg apart? How about the herbs? You'd be surprised as to how much you could get wrong when you don't see the food you're eating - until after you've guessed."

It's £18 for a ticket which includes starters, salads, pasta, pizza anddolci - all with a few drinks.

Book your tickets here.

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