Here Are 7 Spot On Places You Can BYOB In Manchester Tonight

The city's your oyster

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Whether it’s a bottle you’ve been saving but don’t want to ruin with your home cooking, or a special occasion that could do without the stress of added decision-making, BYOB is gaining ground in Manchester and a number of restaurants around the city have begun to catch onto the trend...

8. Lotus

From soups to dumplings, spring rolls and sizzling plates, Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen is part of a family run chain of restaurants and this is their first all-vegetarian Chinese restaurant (the owners are also vegetarian.) 

Using tofu, veggie meats and a huge array of vegetables to create a Chinese banquet fit for all diners, there are dozens of dishes. The restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol in-house, but you can BYOB for £1 corkage.

Bread Cheese

7. Hawksmoor 

Hawksmoor prides itself on its Monday Wine Club. For £5 corkage per bottle – there appears to be no upper limit on how much you can bring – everything from a fine vintage to a Sainsbury's special is welcome. 

Although the tone feels set towards the higher end of the scale after reading that a “Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne and a Balthazar of Burgundy” are recommended.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine is hailed far and wide for having excellent food and zero corkage fee. Highlights on the Arabic menu include any of the grilled meat dishes or Arabic salads – fattoush is a must.

Another highlight is that it’s one of only a handful of places in Manchester to do zataar manakish (a zingy cheesy flatbread.)

5. Aladdin

It doesn't look like much from the outside (the inside has quite the Peter Kay feel, too) and there is a rather prominent “complaints” tab on the website homepage, but don’t let that deter you from trying Aladdin, on Wilmslow Road in Withington. 

It’s the kind of Levant cuisine that cries out for a glass of red and with BYOB the choice of which is yours, but always leave room for dessert.

4. Double Zero

Pizza without alcohol is a sad meal. However, pizza with alcohol – especially if you bring it yourself –  is great. Corkage at Double Zero has the potential to tip onto the steep side at 10% of your final bill, but the pizza does make up for it. We also love that, unlike many pizza restaurants, the starters menu isn’t lazily packed with dishes made from the same ingredients as pizza.

3. The Turkish Kitchen

The Turkish Kitchen is a vocal supporter of “corkage independence” and as such charges no corkage fee. If you run out, the restaurant also has a fully, and very well-stocked bar. While specialising in lamb and fish dishes, other menu highlights include the chicken beyti and falafel kebab.

2. Trove

It could be said that Trove bakery is a strong supporter of daytime drinking, with a daytime menu of artisan breads, chutney and cakes and a BYOB policy. It was closed until October 14th, but now service has resumed a seasonal breakfast and brunch menu (plus a range of heartier dishes for the evening) will feature. With a firm focus on community, it’s great for long weekend breakfasts and dinners with friends.

1. Phetpalin

Phetpailin is considered a gem of China Town, although it describes itself as “Anglo-Thai”. But with no corkage fee, who cares! In addition to dozens of fried Thai delights on the starter menu, main course dishes feature a range of Thai curries and a few dishes that sound like they could turn into great stories, such as the Weeping Tiger Steak.

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