2 Greater Manchester Venues Are In The UK's Top Gin Bars

Must pay a visit

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Every bar worth its salt these days carries a raft of gins for discerning drinkers.

But of all of the hostelries in Greater Manchester, there are just two which have been named among the country's best.

A list of eight must-visit gin bars across the UK have been selected by London-based Stylist magazine - and two are in our patch.

Atlas bar on Deansgate is labelled as a 'Manchester institution' with more than 320 varieties of gin and events.

Stylist says: “I went for the citrusy Zymurgorium Marmalade Manchester Gin, which I now have a bottle of at home, it’s that good. And with a new variety of gin arriving at the bar every week, there’s plenty of reason to return.”

The other GM hostpot is unsurprisingly the Old Bell Inn on Huddersfield Road in Oldham. Unsurprising because it's a Guinness World Record holder for the most gins - more than 600 varieties.

Stylist says“If you can’t find the perfect gin here, you can’t find it anywhere. The menu lands on your table with a thud that shakes the cutlery. I ordered a 3 Pugs Gin, made in Warrington, because when there are this many to choose from, why not choose the one named after pugs. Simply put: a gin-lover’s heaven.”

Sounds like heaven indeed.

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