The Manchester Bucket List – 29 Things You Absolutely Need To Drink In This City


Blue Cheese

Given that we are a city of booze-lovers, not to mention addicted to caffeine, we thought that a compilation of drinks to try in Manchester before you die would be a useful resource.

Maybe just don't try them all in one day...

29. Super Orange Smoothie - Pot Kettle Black

These guys' home-made smoothies are fresh as they come and this one's dairy-free too. 

So you can feel all smug inside as you sip it.

PBK serve up a mean brunch too, while you're there.

28. Bubble Tea - Chatime

With tons of flavours from roasted milk to matcha to lychee green, this lesser-known Princess Street spot is bound to have one that tickles your fancy.

It's cha cha time 🤣🤣

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27. Irish Monkey - The Font

For £2 (YES. £2) it beggars belief that this banana milkshake cocktail delight actually has real booze in it.

But it is the case, my friends - and it is absolutely delicious.

Made with Irish cream and banana syrup, shaken with milk and topped with whipped cream - this is the drink that changed our lives forever.

Watch out for their crazy specials too - equally cheap, cheerful - and of course, boozy.

26. Hot maple milk - The Cat Café

This place gives you unlimited hot drinks for £1 every five minutes you're there - so be sure to get your money's worth and don't miss their yummy maple milk, topped with paw and all!

Maple Milk

25. A cup of celeriac, watercress, pea and ham hock soup - Soup Kitchen NQ

The soups from here are the city's best hands down - and for £3.95 for a generous portion and a bread roll - you can't go wrong.

This flavour (also gluten free) is our favourite - but they do a pretty hoppy Irish ale, potato and cheddar soup - plus lots of veggie and vegan options too!

24. It's My Frickin Birthday Cake Shake - Home Sweet Home

Not just for special occasions - this baby is topped with birthday cake, buttercream, sprinkles, party rings, disco crumb, and ice cream.

Happy birthday bitchess!

23. Basil Grande - Lounge on 12

Just above the city's famous Manchester House restaurant - the Lounge on 12 are serving up some serious drinks to make the boys wink.

This cocktail sounds like it just shouldn't work. It features fresh strawberries and basil muddled with Grand Marnier, Chambord and cranberry juice with a twist of black pepper - and it tastes flipping fantastic.

Enjoy in front of this view and you'll find it difficult not to smile.

22. Beetroot Chai Latte - The Garden

Pink perfection.

21. Green Matcha Latte - Federal

While we're on the topic of colourful coffees, Federal's green number has to be tried.

20. 'The Balloon One' - Red Door

We don't know about you, but nothing says happiness like a cocktail which comes garnished with a helium balloon.

19. The Battenberg - Washhouse

Cocktail + cake = winning.

18. G&T - Allotment

These guys know how to gin. And with constantly changing weekly specials, you can never get bored of the selection.

17. JD Slushy - Jimmys

Jd Slushie

Their two-sided slushie machine is currently serving straight up Jack and Coke as well as Lynchburg lemonade and a healthy serving of JD ("a classic margarita with a twist.")

We're allll about the Jack and Coke.

16. Hipsters Use The Side Door - After Hours 

This cocktail lives up to its whacky name. Tasty, creative and oh-so-boozy.

Did we mention it's topped with ice cream?


15. Classic Hot Chocolate - Bonbon Chocolate Boutique NQ

Bonbon’s notorious hot chocolate is simply melted chocolate, water and a little sugar, expertly blended and infused with spices to create a drink which is silky and intense. 

As it’s dairy-free, it's perfect for vegans and is as good for you as chocolate gets. 

Healthy chocolate you say? Bonbon Boutique, where have you been all my life?

How do you have yours? #valrhona #hotchocolate

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14. 'Spoil Yourself' Vanilla Cacao Tea Blend - Teacup

Coffee is the drink that has taken the nation by storm in the last decade but tea is the trend that we are all going to be talking about next.

This wonderful spot in the Northern Quarter serves up some seriously top brews and the Vanilla Cacao they serve here is nothing short of spectacular.

We are half way through the week Manchester - WE CAN DO THIS 😬💤 #thedailygrind #mornings

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13. Mint Chocoro - Ginger's Comfort Emporium

Mmmm, just LOOK at that.

12. Mulled Wine - Manchester Christmas Markets

Slightly out of season yet, but this one's a classic that you simply must try.

11. Snake Eyes Surprise - Cloud 23

One of the iconic bar's brand new cocktails which "draws inspiration from 10 of the most influential Hilton Hotels around the exotic infusion which promises to fill any visitor with wanderlust," they say.

It'll set you back £14, but it's a gambling themed drink, so in true spirit if you roll 'snake eyes' - or double ones - on the accompanying dice you'll get this bad boy on the house.

Ciroc Pineapple vodka, Blackjack syrup, Snakebite cordial, coconut water and lavender make for a truly enticing blend.

Snake Eyes Surprise

10. Waldorf Salad Cocktail - Cloud 23

A different kind of gamble for your taste buds...

Waldorf salad in a cocktail - it only bloody comes with blue cheese! 🧀

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9. French Martini - Trof

The best we've tasted yet in this city.

8. Mad Hatter - The Alchemist

This place makes you feel naughty, excited and cherished all at the same time - and so do their cocktails.

This one's their famous 'Mad Hatter' - or, as we like to call it - tipsy tea.

Mad Hatter

7. Pawn Star Martini - Dusk Til Pawn

Indisputably the best in town - served with a shot of champagne prosecco, as all drinks worth their salt should be.

I all but spat out my coffee when I heard that this Northern Quarter gem have decided to introduce a new cocktail menu and oust some of the old favourites.

Rest assured though, this classic will be one of only two remaining (more on the second later.)

6. Sticky Toffee Pudding Freakshake - Black Milk

A picture speaks a thousand words:

5. Manchester's best coffee - Pavé

If you've been following us for a while, you'll be well aware that we're extremely passionate about Pavé.

It's a little hidden, just off James Street Square, but it serves the best mocha I've ever tasted and if you get there early you can get a cup of caffeine and one of their gorgeous pastries for 3 quid. Absolute bargain.


4. Pilsner Urquell - Albert Schloss

Albert's crowning glory - each pint is served the traditional Czech way, with a large, foamy crown.

3. Cidre de Hielo - Iberica 

Served like wine and tastes like wine, this intriguing number is for those of you with a sweet tooth and is more akin to a pudding. 

It's got a hefty price tag at £9 a glass. But it is well worth the expense if you fancy treating yourself.

Try some tapas while you're there!

2. Pawnographic - Dusk Til Pawn

Chocolate, caramel, vanilla and maldon smoked sea salt means only one thing - pure, unadultered perfection.

1. Riesling, Black Canvas - Australasia

This white wine all the way from Marlborough, New Zealand is the most surprising, life-affirming drink I have had in this city.

Deliciously sweet and chilled, it's the only drink I think about while sitting out on a warm Summer's day.

It's £9 for 175ml, £12.60 for 250ml and £36 for a bottle.

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