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10 Booze-Free Things To Do In Manchester To Get You Through Dry January

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It’s that time of year again.

The time of year where you make a New Years resolution to yourself that this year you will be better you and only eat salads, drink kale juice and go to the gym at least 5 times a week.

However, the idea of “New Year, New Me” is all but a pipe dream that bound to set you up for failure. Soon enough the year hits you like a ton of bricks and those daily salads turns into you eating ice cream straight from the tub whilst ignoring the countless emails from the gym asking “where have you gone?”.

Which is why I don’t mind the idea of a Dry January, or Dryanuary, as savvy millennials have so cleverly called it. The month long challenge is just enough time to adopt some healthier habits into your everyday life whilst also acknowledging that this “healthy” lifestyle is probably not going to survive the inevitable ups and downs of the year.

So to help you get through this booze free month, we have compiled a list of things to do around Manchester that don’t require a drink to enjoy*.

1. Go To The Zoo

Living in Manchester we are so lucky to live so close to one of the UK’s largest zoos, Chester Zoo. Not only is Chester Zoo home to some beautiful animals, they are a global leader in conservation work across the UK and over 30 other countries in the world. Just by visiting the Zoo you are helping them fund projects to prevent extinction around the world.

Visit Chester Zoo. Chester CH2 1LH

2. Play In A Virtual World

If you’re a fan of video games, and even if you are not, there’s no denying that putting on a pair of these virtual reality goggles is an experience like no other. Being able to transport instantly into a whole new world is like something out of a SciFi film. Virtual Hideout in The Great Northern is the perfect place to give this new way of gaming a go. They have a bunch of games to choose from and it’s perfect place to go with your friends or even just by yourself. At the moment book into Breakout on an off-peak game slot (Monday – Thursday, and until 5pm Friday) and get to experience this for free!

Virtual Hideout Manchester, J and K, Unit I, Deansgate, Great Northern M3 4EN

3. Go For A Hike

There are no shortage of beautiful walks in and around Greater Manchester. My personal favourite is the walk up to Mam Tor from Edale in the Peak District. Edale is only a short train trip away from Manchester Piccadilly making it one of the more convenient start points for those of us without a car. The walk itself is challenging but worthwhile for the views at the top. It is still incredibly cold this time of year so definitely pack your thermals.

4. Learn How To Throw An Axe

There’s nothing quite like a glass of red at the end of a long week to help you relax into the weekend. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for us going Dry this month so why not learn how to throw an axe to get all that work week frustration out.

Visit Whistle Punks, Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN

5. Go To The Cinema

There’s nothing quite like going to the cinema and watching a good film. Everything from the seats, to the popcorn, to the surround sound system – it really beats watching anything on the small screen of your laptop. Lucky for us there are some great movies out at the moment like Aquaman…I mean who doesn’t want to see Jason Momoa’s abs on the big screen?

Visit Vue Cinema.

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6. Go To A Gig

Manchester is such a good city when it comes to live gigs from major bands but also small artists trying to make a break. The Northern Quarter is especially great for going to discover new artists. Check out the Night and Day Cafe who present new acts each night as well as Matt & Phreds who put of FREE jazz gigs.

Visit Night and Day and Matt & Phreds

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7. Escape Rooms

Now you’ve been off the drink for a week or so it’s the perfect time to put your brains to the test. Grab some mates and head into Breakout Manchester to see if you can solve the puzzles and escape from one of their many themed rooms in time. At the moment, book one of these games in an off-peak slot (Monday – Thursday, and until 5pm Friday) and in January you will be rewarded with a free experience at Virtual Hideout.

Visit Breakout Manchester 14 a Brazennose Street, Manchester M2 6LW

8. Go To The Theatre

There’s nothing quite like going to the theatre to make you feel cultured. Now while everybody usually thinks of London’s West End when it comes to the UK’s theatre scene, Manchester actually has quite a lot on offer. This month classic shows such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Producers are in town and the reviews are already so positive. So why not see if you can grab some cheap tickets and get down there.

Visit Manchester Theatres

9. Go Bowling

Why not grab your S/O or your group of mates and head down to the bowling alley for a bit of a cheeky competition. All Star Lanes is the perfect venue as your drinking pals will be incredibly satisfied with the drink options while you can sip on a delicious mocktail. Or if you really want to treat yo’ self – go for one of their Oreo Milkshakes (sans Baileys – make sure to try that after Dry January though!)

Visit All Star Lanes The Great Northern 235, Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN

10. Netflix – The Old Faithful

Of course there’s no reason why you have to leave the comfort of your own home to have a good night. Why not invite your gal pals around and have a pyjama party with classic movies, popcorn and loads of chocolate.

Who ever said you had to drink to have fun?

*most things on this list would probably be more fun with a glass of vino but be strong people!

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