Popular Petition Calls For Turkey Twizzlers To Make A Comeback

School dinners were never the same again

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Perhaps the most controversial of foods, every 90s kid will remember the day when our beloved turkey twizzlers were banned from school dinners for good.

Celeb chef Jamie Oliver insisted they should be banned, saying they were an unhealthy lunch for kids.

Turkey Twizzlers were discontinued in 2005, and now, a petition has been set up by a British mum to bring the turkey treat back, with over 24,000 signatures already.

Petition creator Kirstie said: "...to think my kids will never experience the taste of them makes me want to get this petition as far as possible. So come on u twizzlers lovers get signing".

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David Joll, managing director of Bernard Matthews, told the Daily Mail at the time: "We have been unfairly treated. Turkey is the least fatty of all meats. The new Twizzlers have only a third the fat level of the average pork sausage, yet you don't hear Jamie Oliver telling people not to eat sausages."

One signer commented: "We all loved them and kids now day don't have the joys of tasting them".

Another added: "I live realitively healthy lifestyle, balance diet and regular exercise... if I want to smash a turkey twizzler on a cheat day that should be my prerogative".

What's your verdict? Should they make a comeback?

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