The Ultimate Manchester Sunday Roast Washed Down With A Candy Floss Cocktail

Usual cocktails, beautiful interiors, gin menu and live music

School For Scandal Sunday Roast

Whether it's a chilled Sunday, a hungover Sunday, a Sunday spent with fam - Sunday Roasts are the mother of all healers.

Let's face it, we'd demolish any of these babies on any given day of the week.

Manchester's School for Scandal serves an epic roast with all the trimmings, served every Sunday from 1pm alongside the full menu.

Allllllll the trimmings (Image: Lovin Manchester)

Choose from roast sirloin of beef or chicken, with a proper Yorkshire pud, roast potatoes, carrot and suede mash, cauliflower cheese and tender stem broccoli, all washed down with healthy lashings of gravy.

And there's a sweet veggie option too for all the non-meat lovers (me) - edamame beans, carrot and mint smushed into a delicate patty, topped with a veggie gravy.

(Image: Lovin Manchester)

Sunday Sessions are also happening on the regular at School for Scandal, with live acoustic music performed from 2pm while you enjoy your roast.

And if you're feeling a bit naughty (it's past 1pm by now so you're fine), you can enjoy one of their tasty and inventive cocktails on the side.

Whether it's a cocktail from their Wet Lunch break menu - they're all name after 80's John Hughes movies - or a selection from their own take on cocktail classics, you're guaranteed to find something sweet to accompany your savoury.

The Raspberri Flossi (Image: Lovin Manchester)

The Raspberri Flossi (spelt with an 'I' so you know it's a winner) is made from Belenkaya vodka, raspberry liqueur, apple juice and mozart white chocolate, topped with a generous cloud of sugary candy floss.

I know it may seem like I'm blowing smoke up their arse, but I'd go back time and time again for this cocktail. And I'm someone who has (responsibly) tried a lot of cocktails.

It felt almost like a dessert in itself and is sure to appeal to all the Instagram foodies out there.

The American Pie (Image: Lovin Manchester)

The American Pie is made from vodka, apple liqueur, cinnamon, vanilla, and apple juice, topped with a smoking cigar-shaped role to embody the speakeasies of the 1920's.

We're told this is one of the most popular cocktails on the menu, and it was pretty obvious why. It was unlike a lot of cocktails I'd had before. It was strong enough that it didn't taste like fruit juice, and the combination of flavours worked deliciously together.

And with the smoking (fake) cigar on top, it made for a slick boomerang.

The Sunday Sessions from 2pm (Image: Lovin Manchester)

It almost seems like the Sunday Roast market is a hard one to crack these days. Everyone is precious about their Sunday dinner, most of all the Mancs, but when done properly, you're on to a winner.

School for Scandal's roast is certainly up there with one of the best I've ever had. It tries new ingredients without being overly pretentious, whilst holding on to the staples that make a roast dinner so beloved.

Plus, you're in a lovely venue with a bit of live music. What's not to love?

School for Scandal Manchester (Image: Lovin Manchester)

School for Scandal's roast is available every Sunday from 1pm for £15. You can call 0161 236 1616 to book a table, or visit

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