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Prosecco And Gin Marshmallows Are Here Just In Time For Bonfire Night

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Bonfire night is just around the corner, and your marshmallow game needs to be on point.

Don’t be that person who pulls out your bog-standard strawberry ones.

Be the absolute legend who flops out a bag of PROSECCO marshmallows. Or GIN flavoured ones. Or both.


These booze inspired, fluffy drops of love are made with real prosecco and gin respectively, and contain only 100% natural ingredients.


Courtesy of The Naked Marshmallow Co. – the gin is mixed with elderflower, and the prosecco with raspberry.

Making these two flavours that will be very difficult to decide between.

Perfect for toasting, but we imagine they’ll taste pretty divine straight out of the box, too.

Take a look at prosecco marshmallows here or the gin marshmallows here.

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