You Can Now Get 1KG Of Fruit And Vegetables For £1 As Morrisons Launch 'Too Good To Waste' Boxes

This is the best way to hit your 5-a-day

Veg Box

Morrisons have launched 1 kilogram ‘Too Good To Waste’ fruit and vegetable boxes - and you can now get an entire week’s worth of vegetables for £1.

“It’s too expensive to eat healthy” is no longer a valid excuse.

Because supermarket giants Morrisons have launched “Too Good To Waste’ fruit and vegetable boxes, which consist of a variety of vegetables to help you hit that your 5 a day quota - and they’re selling them for just ONE pound.

Veg Box

The produce included in the boxes is coming to the end of its shelf life - but we all know that it’ll still be edible for at least 4 or 5 days after that.

With each Morrisons site stocking over 80 varieties of vegetable, 75 varieties of fruit, and 50 types of salad - you never know what you’ll get and we’ll almost certainly end up experimenting with produce we don’t usually throw in our trolley.

Drew Kirk, fruit & veg director at Morrisons said: “We’ve listened to our customers who said they don’t want to see good food going to waste.

"So we’ve created these boxes and every day we’ll fill them with a wide selection of produce at risk of being thrown away. Because produce may be unusual and varied, customers can also try some new and exciting dishes at home without having to spend a fortune.”

Good on you, Drew.

Personally I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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