Kettlebell Kitchen Closes Multiple Sites As Company Goes Into Liquidation

Manchester's hospitality scene takes another hit


Kettlebell Kitchen have gone into liquidation and closed multiple sites following a lengthy period of unprofitable trading.

The fast-food chain, set up my Carley Jones back in 2017, closed it's Salford and First Street sites with immediate affect last Friday.

Staff at the two sites, who were due to be paid on the day, were instead informed of the news and left without a pay cheque or a job.

Kettlebell Kitchen have issued the following statement:

"The company is entering liquidation due to a number of stores trading unprofitably, impacting cash flow and ultimately having a material negative effect on the rest of the business.

"The company had secured funding previously in order to meet wage payments and it was hoped the same would be possible on this occasion."

Kettlebell Kitchen's site on First Street

"Regrettably it was not possible and the company deeply regrets the affect this may have to staff and creditors.

"The company is Carley’s passion and she is devastated by events which have spiralled beyond her control.

"She has worked tirelessly since the company’s formation and remains committed to helping find a solution which will see the company through its current problems and minimise the impact to all stakeholders of the business.

"Staff were informed on Friday as it became clear, despite best efforts to find alternative funding, that the company had exhausted all available options and no additional funds would help us bridge the gaps with payments due to staff, creditors and HMRC.

"The company has faced financial difficulty for over half a year now and Carley has done all she can to keep staff employed and protected from those issues.

"Regrettably, this time it was not possible and the company deeply regrets the affect this may have to staff and creditors."

The original site in Ancoats remains open, as does the Newcastle site which is owned by a separate entity.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the staff who have been affected by this turn of events.

If you work within the Manchester hospitality scene, and are aware of any job openings, please send details to and we will spread the word to those affected.

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