We All Need These Halloumi In Blankets In Our Lives This Christmas


Halloumi Collage

Introducing halloumi in blankets - the new phenomenon that is sweeping the internet and bringing excitement to dinner tables across the country.

Love your pigs in blankets? Fan of halloumi? Never thought of merging the two?

Think again, friend.


(Image: Kitchen Mason)

For a start, it's CHEESE wrapped in BACON. What could possibly go wrong?


(Image: BBC)

Secondly, it's just so bloody simple...

HALLOUMI wrapped in BACON.


(Image: Biffen’s Kitchen)

And finally - since you’re not using sausages, these are entirely vegetarian friendly!

…..just kidding.

The fact is that you’ll be serving up pigs in blankets with Christmas dinner anyway. So you’ll have bacon in the fridge.

Why not whip up some of these as a pre-dinner snack, and really impress the fam?

These were originally spotted on the Everybody LOVES Christmas Facebook page, who used an image from Kitchen Mason.

Take a look at Kitchen Mason’s super simple halloumi in blankets recipe here.

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