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Greggs Have Raised Their Prices For 2019 – And People Are Kicking Off

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On the long list of things that are great about Greggs, the low prices have to be near the top.

Perhaps not for much longer, because the latest news coming out of our favourite bakery chain is that prices are going up. And it’s not just the one or two menu items either.

The Reality

For a start, the price of a meal deal is going up by 15p. Not a huge increase, granted, but £3.15 for a meal deal certainly isn’t the same as the £3 we all know and love.

Price of individual breakfast items has also risen by 10p. This includes fan favourites such as egg, bacon and of course sausage rolls.

Many of the sweet treats will also be facing a rise in price this year.

The Backlash

People aren’t happy, and have been taking to Twitter to vent their anger.

But Why?

Greggs are pointing to the age old issue of inflation.

A press officer for Greggs said: “We fight to keep prices from going up but can’t hold back inflation forever.”.

One thing’s for sure – we hope these incremental price increases don’t become a trend. One of the main pulls for weekly (/daily) Greggs is the low cost, and I can see them struggling if the prices keep going up.

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