Carrot Cake Oreos Are Here And Surely Worth Giving A Go

Go on then...

Carrot Cake Oreos

Oreos are up there amongst the best biscuits life has to offer.

Everything about them is great; the twist, the dunk, the flavour…. Everything.

Vanilla flavoured Oreos came and went. Pretty good, sure, but we’ve already got custard creams. They were trying to fill a void that doesn’t exist.

So why would we ever put our hopes into another new Oreo flavour, you ask?

Carrot Cake Oreos

Because these aren’t just any old biscuit flavour. These are CARROT CAKE flavoured Oreos. And they’ve got me hooked.

Debate about it all you want - nobody can name another carrot cake flavoured biscuit out there.

So these absolutely have to be worth a try.

Two carrot cake flavoured cookies, with a voluptuous layer of cream cheese in between them.

Go on then.

Bon apetit pals.

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