New Bounty Easter Egg With Coconut Inside The Shell Is Dividing The Nation

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Bounty Egg

I often find myself feeling sorry for Bounties at Christmas time.

A nation in love with their chocolate. All those hands in the Celebrations box, eagerly hunting for a dairy fix.

But still, nobody wants you.

Just in case you were wondering what other Bounty products to avoid, Mars have only gone and launched the most controversial Easter Egg since records began.

 Mars has launched a Bounty Easter egg this year with coconut pieces inside the shell

(Image: Mars)

Yup, you’re looking at a BOUNTY Easter Egg.

And we’re not just talking about a lovely, milk chocolate egg, with a couple of yucky bounties on the side either.

Nope - they’ve only gone and added an entire layer of coconut inside the shell.

Of course, this is all entirely tongue in cheek and subjective. If you are a Bounty lover, I am happy for you <3

But you won’t find me touching this thing with a barge pole.

Bon appétit, my coconut loving friends.

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