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Aunt Bessie’s Are Finally Selling Yorkshire Pudding Wraps – Here’s Where You Can Find them

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Aunt Bessie”s have launched a yorkshire pudding wrap base – and you can even make a yorkshire pudding pizza with it.

Yorkshire pudding wraps are a hot topic at the moment. Whether you’re demolishing one at the Christmas markets or sticking them in your trolly at the supermarket – it’s clear that the fad is here to stay.

And I’m completely fine with that.

Aunt Bessie’s are finally jumping on board. But they’ve taken a slightly different approach.


(Image: Aunt Bessie’s)

Better late than never – it’s a DIY yorkshire pudding wrap base. Meaning that you, yes YOU are the one who adds the ingredients.

For many, this will mean whacking a full roast on their with gravy. Veggies and vegans can go wild with the veggies.

Aunt Bessie’s are also marketing the thing as a potential pizza base.

Add your desired toppings, a healthy dose of cheese, and you’ve got a yorkshire pudding pizza.

For now, you can ONLY find these at Morrisons. But we’re sure they’ll be everywhere else in no time.
It costs £1.50 for two, so yes a miniscule 75p for 1.

It’d be rude not to I recon.

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